First of all, I have not given up on this blog.

Because I am a sophomore in high school and my life is full of work right now, I haven’t had much time to work on my hobbies.  In what spare time I have had, I have been designing I’m still interested in these rockets though, and I will post as often as I work on them.

Second, a couple of people have emailed me or commented asking for the Invensense Motion Driver 5.1. To make things simpler, you can download ALL of Invensense’s developer code from Here. Happy downloading!

Third, I would recommend adapting Pansenti’s code (which uses the motion driver), because it has all of the functionality needed except that it is for the MPU9150 or MPU6050 with a AK8975 on the auxiliary bus.

Thanks for reading, Max Tepermeister